Neelsie Eiendomme Properties

Neelsie November Newsletter

Dear tenants

As this year, which has been a year like we never before experienced draws to a close, we write to wish you all the best with your exam results and that you may have a peaceful and happy festive season with loved ones.

To our outgoing tenants – thank you for your support this year. The exit inspections are now around the corner and we urge you to please ensure that the properties are left in a clean condition as per the lease agreement stipulations. It is essential that you book a cleaning company well in advance to avoid frustration all around.

Please remember to keep your invoices as proof of the necessary professional cleaning having been done, or advise us in advance if you are unable to arrange this prior to your departure so that we can arrange that on your behalf as soon as you are out. The fees for this will be deducted from your deposit.

To our incoming tenants – we look forward to welcoming you and trust we will have a mutually positive experience this year.

Please bear in mind that it may in some cases not be possible to have ensured a cleaning before you receive the keys, in which case it will be done as soon as possible and we may need your understanding in placing your furniture etc in such a way as to enable the necessary cleaning/maintenance to be done.

To prospective tenants – we still have some properties available and advise you to make final decisions sooner rather than later to avoid a mad rush and unnecessary stress next year.

We understand that you may be hesitant to commit due to the University starting a little later than normal, but it will also be a great time for you to be tourists in your student home town, get your accommodation set-up for the academic year ahead and just enjoy being a young adult away from mom’s rules (but with respect and accountability that you are now a custodian of someone else’s property!).

As per a letter from Prof Stan du Plessis, (COO of the University of Stellenbosch), the expected return of students in 2021 will be as follows:

  • Post-graduate students will start returning mid-January.
  • Some under-graduate students will be returning mid-January for the completion of the 2020 examination.
  • Senior under-graduate students will return towards the end of February.
  • First year students will arrive beginning of March.
  • The academic year will start 15 March.
  • The academic year has been revised, and as a result of that, only one academic week will be lost in 2021.

With best wishes from the Neelsie Team