When does the rental term start?

Rental terms for the new year start on 1 December until 30 November of the next year – 12 months.

Do we require one contract per unit or do we offer a contract per room?

We do offer one lease per unit OR ALTERNATIVELY a lease per room for e.g. 3 leases for a 3 bedroom unit ext.

Are units leased as an entirety or per room?

Units are leased as an entirety meaning you have to bring your flatmates for units with 2 or more rooms.

Financial implications? (Deposit)

Deposit equals to 2 months’ rent plus an admin fee of ±R1 350 (once off and is subject to change) is payable  on signature of the lease agreement.

December rental is due on or before 1 December and no keys will be handed out without December rentals having been paid.

Who is responsible for signing of a lease agreement?

All lease agreements must be signed by a responsible working parent or guardian. Proof of income will be requested as well as references / credit checks.